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Cloud migrations made effortless. Upgrade your business with Systems Assurances’ complete suite of guided migration services.

Who are we?

Boost your revenue by $100 million while protecting against security breaches! Find out how,with our definitive guide to the cloudButton: Claim your free cloud migration guide.

Boost your revenue while protecting against security breaches! Find out how, with our definitive guide to the cloud.

Our Services

Citrix Health Check

Wow your customers with a robust and high-performing Citrix service. This complete health check is performed by our team of experts, and is based on Citrix’s own recommendations and best practices.

Office 365 Migration: Jump Start Service

Set your cloud migration up for success! Our Jump Start Service has helped countless businesses maximize their revenue, reliability, and performance by transitioning to the cloud. 

Microsoft Azure: Jump Start Service

As part of our bespoke Jump Start service, our team of engineers will work with you to define, optimize, and execute the ultimate Microsoft Azure migration strategy. 

Microsoft SQL Server Migration

At Systems Assurance, we’re not content to simply help you migrate to a different version or platform – we’ll also work with you to modernize your data assets.

Infrastructure Services

Our engineers have helped businesses of all sizes deliver world-beating IT projects. From initial pre-sales support, right through to design, project management, and implementation, we pride ourselves on being by your sideevery step of the...

Cloud Migration Services

At Systems Assurance, we believe that cloud migration is key to any successful digital transformation project. Let us help you upgrade every part of your business, with our complete suite of cloud migration services.

Migration Calculators

Research suggests that migrating to the cloud could boost your revenue by $40k per employee. But don’t just take our word for it! See how much you could save with our cloud migration calculator.

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