Are you oblivious to cyber security risks?

Are you oblivious to cyber security risks?

Cyber security is talked about increasingly in the news, both worldwide and on a more local level. Although this has increased awareness of the threats that businesses can face, there is still a disconnect between SMEs who consider themselves to be strongly protected against cyber threats and the fact that many of them are still experiencing security breaches on occasion, if not regularly. So, why is this the case? Do you believe that you are better protected than you actually are, whilst being oblivious to the real cybersecurity risks?

False perceptions of cybersecurity

SMEs are confident that they are prepared in the event of any cybersecurity threat. In fact, 87% of SMEs believe they are fully prepared, with 59% believing that they have increased their security since the previous year, and 61% predicting that they’ll continue to grow in protection next year with greater budget allocation. Although this confidence is good, it can be based on a false perception where there is actually a lack of understanding of how to protect against cybersecurity threats.

Statistics suggest security must increase

Despite many businesses having a perception that their business is protected against breaches, over 70% of companies have had a data breach within the last year, and our customers are just as unlikely to be an exception to this. Therefore it is essential for you to ensure you are protected sufficiently against these threats, including DDoS fraud, malicious insider attacks and ransomware attacks.

Security policies and training are key

Inconsistency is one of the biggest problems that you might have and part of bringing this consistency is implementing a clear security policy across the organisation and ensuring that it is regularly reviewed and audited. You can also address negligence by training staff to be aware of the risks and not fall into traps set by ransomware attackers such as opening email attachments containing viruses.

User-responsibility and awareness

As the IT Manager, it’s your role to implement the greatest technologies to protect against cybersecurity threats, and educate users about these. At the same time, you are able to assess their systems in order to remain up-to-date at all times, especially paying attention to GDPR guidelines and other legislation that you may be unaware of. You can address security risks as they occur if required and implement prevention processes and technology.

Protecting your most valuable asset

Data breaches are costly, both legally and financially for your companies not to mention the disruption that they can cause. This means that cybersecurity is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re looking to implement specific new policies and set up to adhere to GDPR guidelines, or simply need extra resources to provide a new setup for your users. Systems Assurance can work with you to ensure that your users are both educated and up-to-date technologically.

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