Can I downgrade my Windows 7 Laptop or PC to Windows XP?

Can I downgrade my Windows 7 Laptop or PC to Windows XP?

Yes….From the 1st October 2010 Ms Windows 7 and Ms Windows XP dual boot machines will be in short supply. Many of you are asking us, How do I get XP on my machines instead of Win 7 Pro? Well for a limited time only (approx 18 months after the general availability of Windows 7 or the release of a Windows 7 Service Pack, whichever is earlier) the OEM license of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate will include downgrade rights to Windows XP Professional. After that period the OEM license will enable downgrade rights to Windows Vista Business only. 
Your recent purchase won’t of course, include media. For that you will need to either use your own copy along with an existing activation key, you’ll get problems activating this but contact the Ms Activation Centre and they will talk you through it) or download a copy from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre or (VLSC) for short. 

Should you need confirmation of this, you can download a copy of the Microsoft License Downgrade Rights Document found on the Microsoft site.

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