Cloud battle catchup…slowly!

Cloud battle catchup…slowly!

I’m a firm believer in Microsoft products! Not because they’re particularly good but they’re used (tested) by the masses so eventually catchup with whatever is out there! Interestingly, Google just announced they’re killing their free version of Google Apps for business; despite claims they would ‘never lose their roots’!! Well your roots are stunted…their offering was a good idea but like all good ideas, they get copied….better! And going back to my original point, Microsoft is great at ‘catching up’.

Their cloud storage product, Azure came down in price recently too, matching that of Google and Amazon. Like I say, they catch up! For price comparisons visit this Register article or to sign up to a free 90 days of Azure, click here.

Office 365 is gaining momentum within our customers. Google Apps has been instrumental in this environment but like I say. Mmm, lip bitten! Why not trial Office 365 here, any problems and our technical team will set the trial up for you, all for free!

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