Everyone should be using Azure

Everyone should be using Azure

Cloud computing is becoming the norm in many companies, so this is an ideal time to make you aware of the extensive experience within our team for implementing, migrating and maintaining Microsoft Azure solutions for our customers. Some recent projects we have been involved in:-


Two large Internet based organisations merged with an aggressive deadline for co-existence and a merged company comprising 7000 users.

The project initially involved providing guidance for “day one” co-existence for the merged company to provide shared access to resources and a common email platform with unified email address space and a single Global Address list. This was successfully implemented on the day one go-live date of the merged organisation, with less than two weeks planning.

The project has now moved on to strategic planning, with a 100 day timeline for proper migration of the two organisations’ Active Directory and Exchange/Office 365 environments into a single converged environment conforming to Microsoft’s “Cloud First” principle for migration.

Technologies used: Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Okta IDaaS

Roles: Technical Consultant, Strategic Planning


The customer was maintaining and supporting a large amount of outdated hardware in both the server and storage areas. The organisation supported over 1000 users populated in both offices containing their data centre as well as remote site locations.

The purpose of the project was to analyse requirements and propose an end-point for workloads that required migration, and to then carry out the appropriate migrations. The customer was keen to explore the benefits of moving workloads to cloud services whilst still retaining a number of on-premise systems that were not themselves out of date.

A design was created that delivered a solution moving email services to a hybrid Office 365 environment, created Azure IaaS servers to host a number of infrastructure services, and created an Azure PaaS environment hosting web and database services to be used as a development environment. Delivery of this design was then implemented by working with appropriately skilled teams using both internal and external resource.

Technologies used: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, Office 365

Roles: Architecture/Design, Implementation Planning, Technical Project Management


The customer maintained thousands of Windows Server 2003 workloads past the end of life support date for this operating system.

The initial project was aimed at analysing and documenting all workloads still running on Windows 2003, and providing an analysis of suitable target systems for these services utilising either Microsoft Azure or on-premise deployment of Windows 2012 R2, or a combination of both.

Refresh IT’s “Refresh Insight Servers and Applications” (RIS&A) software was used to collect and collate this information, with detailed reports being provided to the customer outlining the server infrastructure, the applications infrastructure, and providing all possible target environment information. The level of detail provided allowed exact Azure sizing in terms of both IaaS and PaaS models, as well as options for upgrading to new on-premise servers. Applications compatibility for moving the customer’s apps to modern platforms was also analysed, allowing the customer to cost exactly all options for migration.

Technologies used: RIS&A, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Windows Server

Roles: Discovery and Analysis, Reporting, Technical Project Management

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