How much do you value good customer service?

How much do you value good customer service?

Good customer service is the cornerstone of many businesses. It creates solid customer sales with repeat business, an increase in sales from recommendations and builds your brand making the marketing departments role a whole lot easier in one fell swoop.

  • Does your company have good customer service? 
  • How do you know?

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management was a product normally reserved for the largest of businesses. With its £100k price tag and hours of development and deployment time, smaller companies just couldn’t justify the expense.

Microsoft Dynamics Online changed all that, affordable monthly payment subscriptions and prebuild modules, make Dynamics an affordable business tool that will increase your companies sales and profitability immeasurably.

Systems Assurance is offering a Microsoft Dynamics Quick Start Service.

Our Approach

Systems Assurance is a professional IT services partner covering the UK and Europe.

Positive customer experience is an increasingly important ingredient for companies to win and retain customers. Customer engagement CRM by Microsoft Dynamics helps companies deliver amazing customer experiences by building long-term customer relationships that are personalised, proactive, and predictive across marketing, sales, and service.

Systems Assurance’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Start will assess your needs, allowing you to understand how Dynamics CRM can work for your business. We’ll then get you up and running in the right environment with an implementation that works for you.

Why does your business need our Quick Start Services?

Internal IT resource is at a premium for most organisations and workloads mean that IT teams are hard-pressed to deliver all of the company’s IT business requirements. The Quick Start service provides a basic implementation, as well as information on integrating existing business processes.

Why should my I.T. team take on another project such as this?

Every aspect of your business benefits from award-winning customer service.
A high profile IT solution that involves every department within the business moves the priority of the IT services team to the top for budgets and pay increases!
It offers a central management point for Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Logistics with no on-site hardware or software to maintain.
Allows multiple secure access from both within the company and externally.
More information is central and backed up to the cloud, no more emails flying around with 10 versions of the same document. No more calls to IT saying they lost a file, can you retrieve it!

What’s Included?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Start consists of the following 8 components:

Business Readiness Assessment: Assessment of any current CRM processes within your business and how these can work with Dynamics CRM.
Infrastructure Readiness Assessment: Assessment of the infrastructure requirements for implementing Dynamics CRM for your business.
Data Import Assessment: Assess your existing data to devise an import plan to quickly have you looking at your data in CRM. We can also look to preload your CRM with targeted prospects.
Dynamics CRM basic install: Installation of Dynamics CRM on the appropriate environment.
Dynamics CRM basic configuration: Implementation of branding and field customization for your market vector.
Define user access permissions and security for all user levels and administrators.
Introductory Training: We’ll cover the basics for your CRM users.
CRM Process Assessment: Assess your current processes with a view to how these can be optimised as workflows within the CRM.


3 to 5 days, depending on business process complexity.

What’s Next?

By carrying out the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Start service, you are provided with information on the initial configuration requirements of the system, as well as an indication of the future growth of the system as it becomes more widely adopted within the business.

This service can scale to any size of deployment, depending on business size and complexity of the process.

For more information about this service, please contact your account manager directly or call our sales team on 0114 292 2911 or email: consult@systemsassurance.com

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