Office 365 Fast Track Migration Service

Office 365 Fast Track Migration Service

Systems Assurance Ltd is a professional services partner delivering solutions across the whole of the UK helping to deliver your IT solutions on time and within budget with minimum downtime.

To ensure a successful and trouble free migration from expensive legacy systems to the Microsoft 365 solution, including Exchange, Archives, Documents, folders, permissions, as a first step, there is a comprehensive analysis and design phase. This initial phase provides the basis for the migration and ensures that user expectations and benefits are realised by the migration program to the Cloud.

Systems Assurances’ Jump Start Service combines the latest discovery and assessment tools with Microsoft migration expert consultancy to deliver the initial phase in days, not weeks.

Helps educate your users as to the Office 365 benefits of hosted Email, SharePoint, Skype for Business and the storage options that are available.

The Jump Start service provides the legwork and reduces the timescales and effort required for you to be able to make informed and intuitive decisions relating to an office 365 migration.

The Jump Start Service will start with a feasibility workshop which will discuss the holistic migration process, where it will fit into your business and identify potential areas for a proof of concept. From here an analysis phase will be undertaken looking at the following key areas:

Information gathering

System preparation

Configuration of Migration Tools

Validation of configuration

Pre-Stage/Staged Migration



Ensure that security, compliance and regulatory requirements are maintainable during migration and on the 365 platform

Ensure a seamless migration with no downtime or interruption to applications

By carrying out the Jump Start service you can drive your users directly to the design and migration phase in days and provide indicative costs and high level planning for board approval.

If you are interested in talking to someone about our services please call our team on 0114 292 2911 or email consult@systemsassurance.com

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