Search Engine Optimisation: Magic, luck or skill ?

Search Engine Optimisation: Magic, luck or skill ?

As you may know we also own www.morecomputers.com and www.morefrom.co.uk – two of the most talked about and award winning online retail sites on the net. Obviously a great deal of our customers find us through search engines – there has been times when our search results have practically dominated the first page of Google. Some say its magic, some say its luck….I put it down to the knowledge, patience and persistence of a very qualified team we have developed. Whilst trawling the net for information, we came across this website. Whilst I have never tried the software or felt we needed to, the points it makes in this helpful guide seems to cover some very relevant stuff. 
Its basic but covers the main pointers so try it out AND if you happen to use the software, good for you!
Very useful SEO user guide:

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