Standing Desks, I mean whatever next!

Standing Desks, I mean whatever next!

Standing Room Only! Ever wondered why you’re continually plagued with a bad back? Well it might not be the chair you’re sat in, or indeed the poor posture you’ve adopted.

We’ve been talking a lot about standing desk in the Systems office and a few of us are giving it a go. We thought we all had more back problems than most, but it turns out we’re not alone. More and more people are suffering aches and pains that may well be caused or aggravated by prolonged sitting at a computer.

One solution is to stand and move around more, but it takes a bit of getting used to. We also wanted to make sure we didn’t just swap ‘sitting problems’ for ‘standing problems’. So we turned to Google for some information. We found lots, here are just a couple of the best articles on standing desks that we found.

Is standing the new sitting? by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

6 ways to fight fatigue while using you’re standing desk by Desk Hacks

We’ve also started to compile a list of Standing Desks and Ergonomic products that are available on our site.

If you’re thinking of switching to standing, good luck and stick with it!

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