Systems Assurance achieve BESA status!

Systems Assurance achieve BESA status!

BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) members offer buyers peace of mind by subscribing to a Code of Practice. They are a trade association, that promote and provide information about their member companies and are a good source of information and advice about their respective industries. They have over 300 members which include manufacturers and distributors of equipment, materials, books, consumables, furniture, technology, ICT hardware and digital content – all to the education market.
BESA members supply to UK and international markets, across the curriculum and at all levels from early years to FE and vocational training. The total turnover of BESA members is in excess of £1.8 billion.

Systems Assurance Ltd became a member earlier this year following a particularly good Virtual Desktop implementation within Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary School. 
Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary School is a Church aided school in the Diocese of Hallam and is maintained by Derbyshire LA.  This means that the members of the Parish and the Diocese of Hallam have contributed towards the cost of building the school and continue to care for its buildings and its people.  The school provides distinctive Christ centred Catholic education for children aged 4+ to 11+ years, with priority being given to children who live and worship within the parishes of Spinkhill and Clowne.

Like other head teachers, Mary Emmott’s job is to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve overall quality of learning at the school.

With a move-in date looming and a requirement for a cost effective, ‘green’ IT solution with full compatibility to their existing IT infrastructure, Mary decided to take the advice of Systems Assurance and procure a VeryPC Greenhive solution together with industry leading HP servers and Symantec recovery software for resilience.
 Like many other schools, Immaculate Conception Primary School considered the purchase of standard PC systems. However with typical PCs consuming as much as 84 watts of power, they needed something a little more environmentally friendly. Of course there are energy efficient desktops available consuming as little as 27W, but these come at a higher initial cost.
 Mary Emmott decided to procure a VeryPC GreenHive solution from Systems Assurance as it offered performance near to that of individual regular PC systems, but at significantly reduced initial cost and power consumption of 5W per user.

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