Systems Assurance offers 9 Vendor Accredited Training Centres

Systems Assurance offers 9 Vendor Accredited Training Centres

When implementing a new solution or introducing new technologies, it is very important to gain user acceptance and support very quickly. The only way to get this is to train users on all the new features and functions available with the new systems.

Here are just some of the vendor courses we have on offer:-


Systems Assurance has partnered with one of the leading training providers in the industry to offer heavily discounted courses through one of our 9 training centres.

Our new training website offers pricing, availability and course content all online.

We have training centres in the following areas:-

Courses can be run in a number of ways:

  • Onsite classroom based
  • Onsite desk based
  • Offsite technical
  • Onsite system administration

With onsite training, users benefit from receiving training on the exact configuration that they are working with, and in our experience this is the most successful type of training. It can be conducted in small groups or on an individual basis to ensure that each user understands the new features and functions available and the best way to use them in their role.

Our training for users falls into the following areas:

  • Handsets
  • Applications
  • Administration

Our trainers are all professional training people and have a lot of experience of working with many different types of users. Using proven training methodologies, we like to train by showing and telling as this is the most effective way for people to learn.

Our courses can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the organisation and they can be incorporated into the overall project plan to ensure that when the system goes live, users are confidently able to carry out their work.

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