What customers want

There’s a vast array of suppliers out there, each with their own USP’s they persistently keep banging on about! Cutting edge solutions, virtually, clouded, continually recovered this and that. Whilst I appreciate our band of brothers has to be up to date on all the latest technologies and solutions, have we really forgotten the basics of doing business?

We gathered a list of our customers pet hates when dealing with other suppliers and as such we try very hard to avoid all of them!

1. Delivery costs are added after several orders without mentioning it.

2. If a distributor changes stock levels later in the day after ordering, keep us informed.  It is so frustrating to be told it won’t go or worse WE HAVE TO CHASE, we just need a supplier to keep us informed, not expect us to chase stuff.

2. Too much time is taken when asked for a quote, sometimes up to 4 hours when it is just a simple quote for a Laptop.

3. No time is given to us to find a product that will work when given a set of requirements and the mentality is to just “shift units” so we are told of a unit that just won’t work or is made by a non-preferred manufacturer.

4. When a product is EOL we are told “That is it, EOL, no can do”… This is just not good enough – Manufacturers always bring out an alternative and we do expect a supplier to find it for us.

5. Many times I have given suppliers an opportunity and they make an error, the wrong thing shows up, more than 1 of it show up or it doesn’t show up at all. To be honest I operate a 1 strike policy on this because the competition is so great, there are plenty of suppliers that WILL NOT get it wrong. Bit harsh, but I can’t really afford to spend time sorting out other people mistakes.

6. We work in the IT Department and support a big corporation so our phone lines are support lines, which means we ONLY like being contacted over email unless we need to talk to you about an order or quote that can’t be done over email. Chasing quotes can be done over email and ringing me after you get an Email is unnecessary, just reply.

7. If something goes wrong, we do understand it might not be your fault but at the end of the day if the courier or distributor messes up it helps if you have a decent relationship with said company to make it right again, don’t just blame them and expect us to simply accept it as not your fault.

We would love to hear your views on this...