Who do you choose for those AV Solution Projects, AV or IT providers?

Who do you choose for those AV Solution Projects, AV or IT providers?

Intuitive audio visual solutions will increase the productivity and creativity of your company. However there is an influx of IT resellers claiming to be AV solutions providers.

There are key differences between the mind-set of an IT reseller and an audio visual solutions provider. Many aspects of the Audio Visual Solution are not driven by IT technology but a visual user experience. This leads to separation in a companies’ deployed IT infrastructure, leaving continuity issues between the IT department and the Audio Visual solutions deployed throughout the organisation.

A fundamental driver for Audio Visual solutions throughout a business is collaboration. However traditional AV solution providers mainly isolate this to a physical room or meeting where a device is present. IT resellers concentrate more on the IT infrastructure of a solution and user experience becomes secondary.

A company that understands the need to have both engaging, intuitive Audio Visual displays with an underlying connection to existing IT infrastructure, produces true collaboration across the entire company through public screens, laptops, desktop and phones.

We see so many interactive whiteboard installations confined to one room, usually the board room. People gather for a meeting, listen intently then start taking photos of the board or screen shots only to be recalled and retyped later.

As an award winning IT Solutions organisation, with an understanding and long term history for installing Audio Visual solutions, Systems Assurance Ltd offer a unique mix of both.

With our own engineers and a broad range of products and solutions, our team of specialists can work with you to implement the best solution for your needs.

Example of our product range


We offer everything including 3D, interactive, lecture hall and mobile devices; the LG Ultra-Portable Projector is particularly popular with external engineers and sales teams for those impromptu demonstrations. Our services include design, installation, configuration or demonstrations of all the leading names and we can provide pricing usually much better than the internet!

Video Conferencing

Take advantage of your company leased line infrastructure by holding crystal clear video conferences with multiple attendees across multiple sites using the Polycom CX5100; or get cloud web video conferencing for free with Microsoft Lync – click here for a free trial.

Interactive Boards

Take your pick between the two world leading brands for interactive board technology – Promethean, ideally for the education sector and SMART for Government or corporate. Using our SMART configuration tool we can easily find which interactive board would best suit you, and unlike many other resellers, we have our own engineer to install both the hardware and software.

Touch Screen Solutions

All in One PC’s are becoming increasingly popular throughout the corporate environment, varying in different sizes with different features; these are the best solutions for on the go. In high demand for retail and education environments are the Astec Sense Table’s, and the Philips Multi Touch Units.

Digital Signage

Consider the prospect of creating business awareness and the services your company can provide, by using controlled digital signage. Our solutions include video walls and IPTV – internet protocol television – providing you with the benefits of choosing what content you wish to show, at what time, and to what audience. We have video walls ranging from 2×2 to 15×15 monitor configurations, allowing for a complete solution to be built – we take care of the background work.

Security Solutions

We offer much more than the standard CCTV solutions available from other resellers; swipe entry access cards, facial recognition and, fire door entry systems and integrated security management are just some of the solutions we provide. We have a specialist team on hand ready to speak too.

Let one of our team look at your project with a different viewpoint, give us a call.

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