Windows 10 – First look and thoughts

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Windows 10 – First look and thoughts

It seems like Microsoft with Windows 10 are finally recognising that desktop computing is still alive and kicking; similarities to the Windows 7 desktop have been resurrected with some great improvements.

However users aren’t going to adopt the new operating system just because they’ve brought features back from 10 years ago!! They’re trying to appeal to everyone and really there are only two key types of buyers that lead the majority of Microsoft business customers; After all, win business over and the rest will follow…

Back in March 2014 Windows 8 & 8.1 had a combined market share of 10.7%, compared to Windows 7 with just over 47%. IT Managers decide which operating systems get deployed to their users, not users; something I think Microsoft sometimes forget. Great looking GUI’s with glorious store fronts and Apps aren’t going to attract an IT Manager that is responsible for hundreds of users. Likewise, Managing Directors and Finance Directors aren’t exactly impressed with the freedom of information being blasted straight to their employees desktops.

‘Windows 10 needs to get back to basics, doing the core stuff fast, securely and easily. ‘

Many of our customers were forced to Windows 7 from XP, customers are now being forced from 7 to 8.0 and 8.1. Don’t push us…if we feel the product is right (and trust me, every tech in the land is wanting their grubby little hands on it to see if it makes the grade) then we’ll push our companies towards it.

We want to know what the advantages are for two key types of people:

1. IT staff rolling out the deployments

2. Directors who want to improve the efficiency of their staff.

Everyone else can just get in line!

If you want a sneak preview and beta testing copies then visit the Microsoft Blog.

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