Corporate Email in the cloud?

Corporate Email in the cloud?

Microsoft have just released their new Business Productivity Online Suite. A suite of tools to manage your enterprise communications. Lets put Ms Office web aside for a second. (surely everyone knows Google Docs is a no-brainer for the entry level and possibly mid-user, but spice it up a bit, add some clever stuff and Google’s Apps struggle) and look at your corporate email solution.
Pretty much nothing gets noticed more than user email down for more than a few seconds, the irate calls follow and then that long walk to the boardroom!
Have Google got a serious proposition I hear you ask…well actually yes they have!
Take a look at the article, its about the CIO of a company called Sanmina-SCI Corp based in the US. He migrated 16,000 users from Exchange to Google Cloud services and happily discusses what he learned from the whole experience.
Systems Assurance have recently become an Authorised Google Apps reseller and Ms Cloud Services reseller. We have both companies doing their best to convert us to their side…its quite amusing…
We also have customers loyal to both sides each with their reservations. I’m sure posts will appear here as the two sides advance and the plots thickens!

We would love to hear your views on this...

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