Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003/R2 on 14 July 2015. For some this is purely another headline in another tech mag, for others this means a great deal of work.

We explore the issues and questions you should be asking either your IT team or your IT provider; And provide some options and an overview of how we like to do things.

Key Questions


  • How will my workload and applications be impacted?
  • How do I keep my firmware and drivers up-to-date?
  • What options do I have?
  • What is the fastest, most risk-free way to move to Windows Server 2012?
  • How do I make sure the entire infrastructure is supported?
  • How can I optimize the performance and cost of my Windows Server 2012 environment?
  • Does my in-house IT have the skills and knowledge needed to:
  • Safely migrate my WS 2003 environment?
  • Cost effectively assess, transform and migrate my WS 2003 environment
  • How will my business remain competitive without support?
  • How will we maintain a high-quality customer experience?
  • How will we continue to acquire and retain customers with an unsupported OS? 
Doing nothing is not an option!!
  • Windows updates – including security updates – will no longer be available
  • Regulatory issues such as FDA that require platform certification
  • High cost custom support agreements (CSAs) first year est. £200K+
  • Existing physical hardware may be 5-7 years old, expensive to maintain
  • Must transform infrastructure and applications
  • No direct upgrade path to Windows 2012
  • Incompatible with modern IT infrastructure and management tools
Using Systems Assurance to help with the Migration path…

Our Approach
Using a client workload migration tool. the CWM-03 Readiness Workshop helps identify each applications migration method and develops a common understanding of the desired future state for each app.

Activities: Collect Application and Server Data – Determine migration readiness

The assessment provides detailed target application analyses and determines “best fit” placement within the hybrid delivery model.

Activities: Define optimal workload placement

The assessment results in a detailed migration

strategy outlining the optimum target platforms for the apps, scope and work it will take complete the migration.

Activities: Develop migration strategy

Develop and execute a step-by-step plan for your transformation journey.

Activities: Migrate applications & infrastructure servers – Baseline test – Integration testing – User Acceptance testing – Production Deployment Planning

Confidently, consistently and securely support and manage old and new technologies in its current state, in transition and in its future state in a hybrid environment.

Activities: Deploy applications – Implement operational


The perfect time to consider Cloud Migration 

Migrate your Windows Server 2003 hardware to the cloud now with…

HP Helion Managed Cloud

What is it?

  • 100% dedicated, managed, complete IaaS solution (compute, storage, network, backup, security, facilities, portal, operations)
  • Choose from running in an HP, 3rd party, or your data center
  • Standard, base (and scale-out) infrastructure and service options
  • Consumption-based service configured to meet your needs
  • Standard self-service Customer Portal supports multi-tenancy
  • Complete “system-level” SLA for enterprise-class applications

What makes it different?

  • Purpose-built, pre-integrated solution using market leading HP hardware, software and services
  • Provides greater levels of security options, data placement preferences, and support locations
  • 1000s of experienced cloud consultants and IT experts with 1000+ CloudSystem implementations and nearly 200 Managed cloud clients
  • 50 years of experience managing complex IT systems and 1000s of IT transformations
  • Manage 350,000 servers globally (including 140,000 virtual servers) for 100s of enterprise clients
  • Service delivered from award-winning HP Data Centers globally

Reasons for moving your existing infrastructure to the cloud

Cloud computing compliments traditional IT

We would love to hear your views on this...

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