Managing Permissions in the Information Jungle

Managing Permissions in the Information Jungle

GDPR now makes companies accountable for the personal data they hold and process with breaches of the law carrying fines of up to 20,000,000 euros.


  • Where is that personal data across my organisation?
  • How do I secure it?
  • Who has access to it?
  • How can I lower the risk of being breached and penalised under the GDPR?
  • How can I continue to demonstrate to the regulators and my clients that we handle personal and other data in a compliant way?

Systems Assurance’s Data Access Management Service has been designed from the ground up to comply with Cyber Essentials (UK government information security initiative) and the GDPR.

Our service will satisfy a number of GDPR articles including being able to demonstrate that appropriate and proportionate information security controls are in place to protect personal data; restricting access to personal data to lower the risk of a breach, validating where personal data resides to enable compliant rights management; and is the first step towards a Data Protection by default and design environment for the organisation.


  • Highly experienced consultants qualified to the highest industry standards across multiple vendors.
  • Our Pre Sales, qualification and design consultancy deliver turnkey, end to end Server, Storage and Virtualisation Services
  • GDPR Practitioners and Cyber Essentials Assessors
Companies get a simple, single pane view of all permissions – across all systems and locations, leaving no threat undiscovered.
All changes to user rights and group memberships are documented and auditable. Anomalies can be quickly spotted to avoid employees having any unauthorized access to confidential and sensitive company data.
Using traditional measures, an IT team will take many weeks to analyse data access controls for compliance, audit and regulation. Systems Assurance’s Data Access Control services provide immediate answers to demonstrate to senior management that proactive data security controls are being maintained.
  • Minimise the risks associated M&A, joiners and leavers
  • Defend your sensitive information to reduce risk
  • Allows your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities
  • Ensures ‘best practice’ in line with HM Government Cyber security initiatives
  • Real world experience of maintaining data governance solutions
  • Professional advice to improve performance and obtain maximum results
  • Fully documented solution
  • This service has been designed for customers who:
  • Have sensitive data
  • Are subject to compliance requirements
  • Are using Active Directory
  • Have large amounts of unstructured data
  • A scoping call will be scheduled to ensure that your requirements and any pre requisites are understood by both parties. From this we will produce a scope of work setting the objectives and timescales for the review.
For more information contact our Services Team on 0114 292 2911 or email consult@systemsassurance.com

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