Follow these steps if you want to preview the syncing of SharePoint Online files before enabling the feature for your entire organisation.

IMPORTANT: You only need to follow these steps to set registry keys on computers you want to use to preview the functionality. When you’re ready to enable SharePoint sync for your organisation, you can remove these registry keys and follow the steps under Set SharePoint to sync with the new OneDrive sync client.

Test SharePoint Online sync for Windows
Download and install the latest OneDrive sync client for Windows.

Download and open TeamSiteSyncPreview.reg to enable SharePoint document library sync.


There are known issues when you use the registry keys to preview the feature using Internet Explorer on Windows 7, or on SharePoint sites that use the classic experience. These issues don’t affect the feature when you enable it in the SharePoint admin centre.

Enabling TeamSiteSyncPreview.reg makes the OneDrive sync client update on the Insiders Ring. For info about the build currently released to this ring, see New OneDrive sync client release notes.

Restart the sync client:

This preview automatically takes over syncing the libraries that are synced using the previous OneDrive for Business sync client (Groove.exe). For more information about how this works, see Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client.

Test SharePoint Online sync for Mac
If you’re using the OneDrive Mac Store app, uninstall it. To do this, open Finder and search for “” or “” from “This Mac.” Move all returned items to the trash.

Install the latest build of OneDrive for Mac.
Exit the OneDrive sync client by clicking on the OneDrive cloud icon in the Menu bar and selecting Quit OneDrive.
Open a terminal window by using cmd+space and searching for “Terminal.”
Run the following commands:
Defaults write TeamSiteSyncPreview -bool True
Defaults write Tier Team
Killall cfprefsd

Note: You must be an Administrator on your Mac to preview this feature.
Restart the sync client and log in again if prompted.