Automatically Sync Your Azure AD Security and Office 365, with Microsoft Flow

Automatically sync your Azure AD security and Office 365, with Microsoft Flow.Managing the applications and data that your employees have access to, is essential for protecting your business against data breaches and other security exploits. If you’re an Office 365 user, then you’ll already have access to all the advanced security features and settings you need… Read More

Automate Your Employee Onboarding With Microsoft Flow

Automate Your Employee Onboarding With Microsoft Flow​​​​​​Onboarding new employees can be an expensive and time-consuming process. According to Urbanbound, the loss of productivity due to the new hire learning curve can cost 2.5% of your total business revenue. To reduce this revenue loss and start getting the most out of your new employee, it’s essential that… Read More

Are Misplaced Mobiles a Business Risk

Misplaced Mobile Devices Could be Putting Your Business at RiskToday many employees store confidential corporate data and applications on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or all of the above, regardless of whether these mobile devices are personal or company-issued. Whether it’s a company laptop that occasionally moves between the office and the employee’s home, or a personal… Read More

Microsoft Teams: Better Than Slack for Business

First released in 2013, Slack soon proved a game-changer for colleague communication. Never before had there been such a slick tool for standardising vital office exchanges and making them accessible from anywhere. But then came the 2017 release of Microsoft Teams, an alternative rooted in the Microsoft ecosystem, and companies suddenly had options.As a platform… Read More

Top 5 Cloud Computing Myths Debunked

Top 5 Cloud Computing Myths Debunked – What the Cloud Isn’tCloud computing adoption levels are soaring, with Gartner predicting that more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be affected by the shift to the cloud by 2020.  Despite its popularity, there’s still plenty of misconceptions surrounding the cloud, which can make businesses reluctant to migrate… Read More