Cyber security and the latest attack on the NHS?

A large scale cyber-attack took place on Friday 12th May. The attack targeted health organisations worldwide, impacting nearly 150 different countries, including 48 organisations in the UK alone. Over 230,000 computers were infected. Despite fast reactions and following disaster recovery plans, 16 of these companies had to completely shut down their systems, with 6 still… Read More

Is it time your datacentre had an upgrade?

Data Centre Modernisation Is your data centre using technology that is no longer supported? Don’t wait too long before reviewing your options. Migrating away from old technology is never an easy task, but it is a necessity. Dated infrastructure can throw up all sorts of problems, especially when it comes to supporting new systems and… Read More

3 Steps to avoid being targeted by phishing scams

Businesses are seeing an increase in the number of malicious emails being received on a daily basis, with it being estimated that nearly half of all emails received are now spam. Email is an effective method of cyber attackers reaching your end users and infecting your network with ransomware. How do phishing scams work? Phishing… Read More

Corporate Email in the cloud?

Microsoft have just released their new Business Productivity Online Suite. A suite of tools to manage your enterprise communications. Lets put Ms Office web aside for a second. (surely everyone knows Google Docs is a no-brainer for the entry level and possibly mid-user, but spice it up a bit, add some clever stuff and Google’s Apps… Read More

What is Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)?

The Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) is a set of messaging and collaboration tools, delivered as an easy to budget for subscription service, that helps your employees better serve your customers without the need to deploy and maintain software and hardware on-premise. Exchange Online is designed for organisations who want to get the benefits of cloud-based… Read More

Windows 10 – First look and thoughts

It seems like Microsoft with Windows 10 are finally recognising that desktop computing is still alive and kicking; similarities to the Windows 7 desktop have been resurrected with some great improvements. However users aren’t going to adopt the new operating system just because they’ve brought features back from 10 years ago!! They’re trying to appeal… Read More

Portmeirion Building to Building 300Mb WiFi Link

With their success of 2009 and several takeovers under their belt, expansion of their business premises was inevitable, Portmeirion Group Plc needed a cost-effective, reliable and secure solution for linking their new warehouse to their headquarters. Portmeirion Group PLC is a British Group based in Stoke-on-Trent and listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London… Read More