Password Reuse Compromised 44 Million Accounts. Protect Your Business.

Password reuse compromised 44 million accounts. Protect your business.Microsoft recently announced that the usernames and passwords of 44 million Microsoft accounts are freely available online. While this sounds like a public relations disaster, these credentials weren’t leaked by Microsoft – they were stolen from third parties. When a hacker gains access to a username or password that’s… Read More

Windows 7 EOL. How to Keep Your Business Safe Without Security Updates.

Windows 7 EOL. How to keep your business safe without security updates.We all knew it was coming: on January 14th, Microsoft finally pulled support for Windows 7. If you’re still running Windows 7, then you’re now relying on an unsupported, End-of-Life (EOL) product – and it’s making your business the perfect target for cyber-criminals. Since Windows… Read More

Microsoft Promises Realtime, Cross-app Collaboration with Fluid Framework

Microsoft Promises Realtime, Cross-app Collaboration with Fluid FrameworkCollaboration is the key to any successful business. Whether they’re co-authoring documents with colleagues or collaborating with third parties, it’s crucial your staff have the tools they need to collaborate effectively.  Today, collaboration is often tied to specific applications: perhaps you send a SharePoint link to your colleagues, or… Read More

Automatically Sync Azure AD Security & Office 365, with Microsoft Flow

Automatically sync your Azure AD security and Office 365, with Microsoft Flow.Managing the applications and data that your employees have access to, is essential for protecting your business against data breaches and other security exploits. If you’re an Office 365 user, then you’ll already have access to all the advanced security features and settings you need… Read More

Automate Your Employee Onboarding With Microsoft Flow

Automate Your Employee Onboarding With Microsoft Flow​​​​​​Onboarding new employees can be an expensive and time-consuming process. According to Urbanbound, the loss of productivity due to the new hire learning curve can cost 2.5% of your total business revenue. To reduce this revenue loss and start getting the most out of your new employee, it’s essential that… Read More

Are Misplaced Mobiles a Business Risk

Misplaced Mobile Devices Could be Putting Your Business at RiskToday many employees store confidential corporate data and applications on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or all of the above, regardless of whether these mobile devices are personal or company-issued. Whether it’s a company laptop that occasionally moves between the office and the employee’s home, or a personal… Read More