Office 365 Security. Can You Really Trust Microsoft With Your Data?

Office 365 Security – Can You Really Trust Microsoft With Your Data? If you’re considering migrating to Microsoft Office 365, then chances are you have one thing on your mind: security. So, can you really trust Microsoft with your data? The thought of moving something as valuable as your corporate data outside of your company walls and… Read More

10 problems Office 365 can solve right now?

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 users, you need affordable and professional IT tools. Microsoft Office 365 gives you and your employees access to popular productivity applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint anytime, from virtually anywhere. You can also take advantage of built-in enterprise-grade services such as high-definition video conferencing, business-class email, and portals… Read More

Thinking about the cloud?you should be thinking about Azure…

Is it time to wave a final goodbye to those dusty, energy-consuming old servers? The requirement for their own dedicated storage space, security from theft and ventilation certainly brought a certain amount of inconvenience, not to mention the continual upgrades and the cost of maintenance. These are just a handful of reasons why organisations are… Read More

Why your organisation needs to be Cyber Essentials Certified

New research released in 2017 shows that over half of all UK companies experienced a Cyber-attack in 2016, costing businesses as much as £30 billion. Phishing and viruses were the most common threats, affecting nearly a quarter of those surveyed, while 18 percent suffered a hack or data breach. Although ransomware claimed fewer victims –… Read More

Managing Permissions in the Information Jungle

GDPR now makes companies accountable for the personal data they hold and process with breaches of the law carrying fines of up to 20,000,000 euros. WHERE THE CHALLENGES ARE: Where is that personal data across my organisation? How do I secure it? Who has access to it? How can I lower the risk of being… Read More

Mainframe Applications to the Cloud? YES, even better!

As the majority of today’s public sector organisations face the challenge of cutting costs across the board to meet government spending targets, one area that is coming under increasing scrutiny is IT infrastructure. As a result, cost-effective distributed IT platforms and services are being considered as an alternative to the costly proprietary mini-computers and mainframes… Read More

Could Brexit spell a revival for the UK manufacturing sector?

A Perfect Storm Could Brexit spell a revival for UK manufacturing? Whilst the London fat cats might be trembling in their boots over Brexit, UK manufacturers shouldn’t be. The fallout from our EU divorce could provide the perfect conditions for us to become global leaders in production once again. Turn back the clock to May… Read More

Cyber security and the latest attack on the NHS?

A large scale cyber-attack took place on Friday 12th May. The attack targeted health organisations worldwide, impacting nearly 150 different countries, including 48 organisations in the UK alone. Over 230,000 computers were infected. Despite fast reactions and following disaster recovery plans, 16 of these companies had to completely shut down their systems, with 6 still… Read More

Is it time your datacentre had an upgrade?

Data Centre Modernisation Is your data centre using technology that is no longer supported? Don’t wait too long before reviewing your options. Migrating away from old technology is never an easy task, but it is a necessity. Dated infrastructure can throw up all sorts of problems, especially when it comes to supporting new systems and… Read More