3 Steps to avoid being targeted by phishing scams

Businesses are seeing an increase in the number of malicious emails being received on a daily basis, with it being estimated that nearly half of all emails received are now spam. Email is an effective method of cyber attackers reaching your end users and infecting your network with ransomware. How do phishing scams work? Phishing… Read More

Windows 10 – First look and thoughts

It seems like Microsoft with Windows 10 are finally recognising that desktop computing is still alive and kicking; similarities to the Windows 7 desktop have been resurrected with some great improvements. However users aren’t going to adopt the new operating system just because they’ve brought features back from 10 years ago!! They’re trying to appeal… Read More

Office 365 Fast Track Migration Service

Systems Assurance Ltd is a professional services partner delivering solutions across the whole of the UK helping to deliver your IT solutions on time and within budget with minimum downtime. To ensure a successful and trouble free migration from expensive legacy systems to the Microsoft 365 solution, including Exchange, Archives, Documents, folders, permissions, as a… Read More

Insurance Valuation Gaps put Academies at Risk

The current trend for schools to convert to academies moves responsibility for insurance to a Governing Body or Trustees.  Systems Assurance talks to Neil Warburton, Managing Director and founding member of Charterfields Ltd, international asset valuers. Charterfields’ exposure in this market shows there is a common misconception that values for property can be assessed in-house, utilising costs… Read More

Portmeirion Building to Building 300Mb WiFi Link

With their success of 2009 and several takeovers under their belt, expansion of their business premises was inevitable, Portmeirion Group Plc needed a cost-effective, reliable and secure solution for linking their new warehouse to their headquarters. Portmeirion Group PLC is a British Group based in Stoke-on-Trent and listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London… Read More