What we do…

Save you money

Everyone likes to buy a little cheaper right? A few quid off each purchase throughout the year, it all adds up!

Save you time

By engaging with our procurement team we save you time procuring all your IT Hardware/Software

Save your reputation

We streamline you procurement & IT functions getting the right kit delivered on time.

Don’t dilute your purchasing power…

Price – By spreading your purchases over multiple suppliers you’re way down their list for discounts.

Delivery – All “free delivery” is not equal. Delivery has to be paid for, some suppliers just add it to the sales price. The more you buy, the more likely they are to match discount with true free delivery.

Returns – Returns aren’t just about faulty products. You may have ordered the wrong product; ordered twice, ordered more than you need. Ordered the wrong product AND opened the box!

Time – How much do your purchasing staff get paid? Shopping around for a few quid difference could mean hours per week in wasted time. Never mind having to buy different products from different suppliers with all those delivery charges!

How we do it…

Price – We own an eCommerce company called morefrom.com. With our buying power and access to over 2000 manufacturers and distributors in the UK, We can negotiate good prices on your behalf.

Delivery –  We offer true “free delivery”. Because of the volume we ship through our eCommerce site, our delivery charges are an absolute minimum so we can afford to write them off.

Returns – We can’t promise returns on everything for any reason but the longer you stay with us, the more we will return for any reason. We get to know your systems, what you buy and when. We catch the mistakes, the over orders, the duplicate or miss specified items.

Time – We sell over 1 million products from over 2000 suppliers in the UK and Europe; It’s very rare we can’t supply you. One email to us and the job is done.

More of our money saving services…

Cost Plus – Buy all your products at trade price. We buy them for you with zero margin. We then charge you a monthly management fee to cover our costs.

Managed Print – Keep all your existing printers, install our 3rd party toners and we’ll give you free break/fix maintenance and send replacement toners automatically. Customers have saved upwards of 30% on their annual ink costs.

Hardware Maintenance – Don’t buy new Servers, let us cover your existing equipment with our 3rd party maintenance agreements.

Cloud Migration – We offer free Exchange Migrations*, moving your existing IT Infrastructure to Exchange online or servers to Azure will almost certainly save money over time.Contact our sales team for more information 0114 292 2911 or email: sales@systemsassurance.com*On 250 user installations and above