10 problems Office 365 can solve right now?

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 users, you need affordable and professional IT tools. Microsoft Office 365 gives you and your employees access to popular productivity applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint anytime, from virtually anywhere. You can also take advantage of built-in enterprise-grade services such as high-definition video conferencing, business-class email, and portals for file sharing.

File Access: Do you currently operate VPN access where you work? Is it slow, cumbersome, device dependent? With sync features included in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, all you employees files are available and synchronised everywhere on any device. You also solve the multi edited and version control problems to boot!

Email Overuse: Email has evolved into a conversational service rather than just a content delivery system. Inboxes are growing at an astonishing rate, Email wasn’t designed for this. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce email with a dedicated enterprise messaging client; look at Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

Untested Backups: When was the last time you performed a test restore of your data… 3 months…6 months…12 months!! Cloud-connected devices are continually backed up and data synced to multiple locations. Add in our prefered cloud backup service Acronis Cloud Storage and you have a complete business continuity service for your users and your servers.

Outdated Software Licenses: Office 365 & Microsoft 365 subscriptions are continually updated behind the scenes; This happens in a very subtle way as not to disrupt the user. All users are up to date all of the time! Added to this, a saving on the pocket and cash flow as you won’t have mass upgrades every 5 years with inevitable vulnerability in between.

Lost Files: Ever had this…you save a document… somewhere? With a large workforce, the number of places to save files grows incrementally. Office 365 offers over 50Tb of shared storage. Each file is tagged to the user and full history and versioning stored in the metadata of that document.

Document Versions: I love saving documents with a version number, it keeps things organised; unfortunately, others don’t! Having five different versions of the same document, emailed to everyone in a team of 5. That’s 25 copies of the same document. Office 365 delivers versioning, drafts, published etc all within SharePoint’s advanced versioning features.

Video Conference is Expensive: It’s free with most Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Its called Skype for Business and includes instant messaging, screen sharing, instant files sharing, a pretty advanced suite in itself.. oh and you can use it for desktop support with control features built in!

On-boarding New Employees: Free training videos are included in the office 365 suite, easily accessible by everyone with a subscription. It gives your employees the tools and infrastructure to carry out their own training on any of their devices connected to their subscription (up to 5). This can include home computers, laptops and mobile phones. The Enterprise data protection built into 365 means you can control these devices or at least the corporate data on saved/synced on them.

No Infrastructure costs: That’s right! We recently migrated a business with a typical full legacy complement of equipment into Azure and Microsoft 365. Left on site apart from user devices were printers, switches and a router. How’s that for a clean break!

No More Licensing: Ever had that feeling you’ve done your homework long before it needed handing in? We are a SAM (Software Asset Management) consultancy as well as a cloud service provider. We’ve heard from countless IT Managers on the dread they feel well a vendor summons them for a license audit. Well that’s taken care of, you’re fully licensed as long as you pay your subscriptions. Phew… just that alone has got to be worth it!

Unlike a traditional Microsoft Office installation, Office 365 allows you to:

Use your Office apps on almost any device including PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. That’s because your license is connected to you rather than to a specific workstation.Establish a professional presence with built-in enterprise-class tools that make it easy to host HD web conferences, create a website, and set up business class email.
Choose to store your data locally and/or in the cloud, so you can increase data control, access, and sharing—and simplify regulatory compliance.Stay focused on customers and growing your business because we manage the servers, software updates, and malware protection.
Collaborate with co-workers and clients using services not available with standard Office licenses, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

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