Our Approach

  • Systems Assurance is a professional services company, established since 1992.
  • To ensure a successful and trouble free migration to the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and platform Microsoft recommends, as a first step, that a comprehensive analysis and design phase is performed. This initial phase provides the basis for the migration and ensures that your expectations and benefits are realised by the migration program to Azure.
  • In this project we provide detailed cost analysis and to help bring the company stakeholders on board with the project.
  • Systems Assurance's Jump Start Service combines the latest discovery and assessment tools with Microsoft migration expert consultancy to deliver the initial phase in days, not weeks.

The Jump Start service provides the legwork and reduces the timescales and effort required for your you, your team and board level executives to be able to make informed and intuitive decisions relating to a Windows Azure migration.


  • Reduced costs
  • Increased Scalability
  • Increased speed of deployment
  • Improve flexibility and access

What’s Included?
The Jump Start Service will start with a feasibility workshop which will discuss the Azure technology stack, where it will fit into your business and identify potential areas for a proof of concept. From here an analysis phase will be undertaking looking at the following key areas:

identify current challenges

  • Identify, collect and analyse actual and current workloads usage across all subsets of the servers.
  • Build application profiles identifying dependencies and the scope for breaking down applications into functional units to enable elastic scale and allow for hybrid applications.

Ensure that security, compliance and regulatory requirements are maintainable on the Azure platform.
Identify those application components that may need to run as hybrid applications because of their sensitive or regulatory nature.

The output from the service will be a comprehensive report identifying the high level requirements for an Azure solution, the server dependencies and capacity, indicative costings as well as areas where a pilot or proof of concept could be run.

Armed with the output from the Jump start Service you can decide where best to focus your efforts.
Contact one of our Cloud Consultants for a quick chat around the process - 0114 292 2911 or Email.

"We've been a customer for many years. In that time, we have always found them to be extremely helpful, reliable
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