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Procurement Solutions

  • Do you have multiple staff members buying from different suppliers?
  • Are you paying delivery on all your small purchases?
  • Having trouble returning things when ordered incorrectly?

Procurement ServiceWe offer managed procurement solutions for products that fall “between the gaps” of your preferred supplier, supply contract or outsourced contracts.

Since 1992, Systems Assurance has been consolidating large organisation procurement needs by saving our customers a great deal of time and money on the types of products that “fall between the gaps” of supply contracts. There are several companies within our group including More Computers, MoreFrom.com and MoreFrom.me all with very defined customer profiles, however residing behind these companies are procurement systems that reach over 12000 suppliers across the entire world.

We’re not offering a web portal or app, but a procurement service that would allow us to source (on your behalf) products and services not currently covered by your global agreements or preferred supplier agreements at significantly better pricing with more efficiency and speed. 

Key benefits to you and your team:

  • Improve Accuracy – Our procurement team have been doing this since 1992, we have engineers waiting to clarify your request and check requirements and specifications.
  • Low Risk – By purchasing all your “Ad-Hoc” equipment from us, you build up purchasing power. The ability to return incorrect items without penalty and increasing discounts on your purchases.
  • No Delivery Costs – We buy in bulk on a regular basis; we are offered free delivery from all of our suppliers due to our reputation and level of business through our eCommerce sites.
  • Save Time – With our experience we usually know where to buy something from immediately. We’re not searching the internet for hours look for a reputable supplier. Just send us a single email or call us up.
  • Increase Cash flow – We offer a 30 day credit account. No upfront payments or credit card fees to consider.
  • Sanity Checks – We get to know your requirements; should you have a new member of staff join your team and make a purchase for something you don’t normally buy, we will have the knowledge and experience of your buying patterns to catch it first and check.

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Monitored Printing Arrangement

Supplies Plus Managed Print Solution“A refreshing new approach to managed print services”

  • Keep your existing Printers and save 20% on your annual toners.
  • Break/Fix Maintenance on all your laser printers Free of Charge.
  • Never run out of toner! We monitor and send you more when you run out.
Axess Printer Monitoring

Axess MPS is a powerful printer monitoring and reporting system at the heart of SUPPLIES PLUS Print Managed Service. It records and collates data from each of your printers – including page volumes, consumable replacement dates and page counts, average coverage, projections for maintenance kit replacements and much more. This information is yours to analyse through the many built-in management reports, enabling you to make the best informed decisions for your organisation.

View the overall status of your entire printer fleet at a glance. Drill down to the individual details of each machine; supplies, meter readings, general status and more. View toner levels, status and the serial number for each printer.

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Audio Visual Solutions

Why approach us for your Audio Visual Installations?

We supply skilled audio visual engineers to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our core team of experienced installers and designers can deliver your audio visual installation across the UK and Europe. They come with the relevant experience, accreditation’s and qualifications to deliver an exceptional project.

Full list of Audio Visual solutions below:

Case Studies

Interactive Display Solutions (Including SMART)

Spending too much on flights, petrol, hotels?

  • Start Interactive Meetings at the touch of a button
  • Connect your global offices to a network of screens with full collaboration
  • Share Screens, meeting notes, appointments, presentations, local content, video and sound
  • Save thousands of pounds on flights and expenses with full HD quality interactive collaboration

SMART BOARD Global Installation – read our case study or speak to our team.

Meeting Room Automation Solutions (Using AMX Control)

  • Do you have to contact the I.T. department every time you call a meeting?
  • Does it take too long to “set up” a room prior to your meeting?
  • Do you have constantly changing technology that requires training to use?
  • Does your quality of meeting depend on how much you know about the equipment?
  • Are you restricted to using basic technology in your presentation?
  • Do you want to press one button and your room is set; source, sound, video even the blinds!!

We set up 9 Oil emergency control rooms for that purpose, read our case study or contact our team.

Boardroom AV Furniture Solutions

Why not incorporate specialist Audio Visual furniture into your next meeting room fit out?

Collaboration is the new tool in working smarter. More and more companies find that working in small teams, enabled by technology, helps the ideas flow and the productivity sore! Ask us about our range of Work Group solutions. The image to the left includes a desktop PC, 50″ LED display, HDMI, USB, Display Port and Power adaptors all built into the table.

Small Work Group Tables for Break Out Collaboration

Full Boardroom Solutions with AMX Room Control

For a full boardroom solution, why not combine our AMX by Harman, customised LCD display panels. With one touch of a small screen in the entrance to your meeting room, all of your devices come alive. Your screens or projectors jump into action. It can even close the blinds for you… and open them again when you’re done.

Contact our team or book a 15 min chat with an engineer.

Room Booking Systems

Manage your meeting room bookings with this award-winning digital display and meeting room booking solution for easy scheduling of office spaces and meeting rooms.

An easy-to-use device that helps your company organise and reserve meeting spaces and huddle rooms better. Ideal for the corporate, education and government markets, Joan solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing calendar* and Wi-Fi network to improve the way people use meeting spaces.

A real-time schedule to show room availability

Schedule your meetings like you always have – in the company calendar – and Joan will show the real-time schedule of your meeting rooms, so everyone knows when they are available or not. Prevent double bookings. Create happier meetings.

Ad-hoc bookings Simply walk up to the room and book your meetings right there on the Joan display. Joan will reserve the room for you and show the meeting in the calendar and on its display, and you can just walk right in and start your meeting without any interruptions.

Manage everything from one place.

Setup and manage all your Joan displays centrally from one easy-to-use, secure Web Portal.

Choose different settings for different devices and have a complete overview in an instant. – Adjust settings, turn features on/off – Check the battery and the Wi-Fi signal – Sign up for new beta features, and more

Display custom images and/or text on your Joan devices. Replace Joan’s regular interface with custom content. Upload image galleries or set your devices to display text and images at a certain time or in intervals.

Contact our team or book a 15 min chat with an engineer.

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