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  • Do you have multiple staff members buying from different suppliers?
  • Are you paying delivery on all your small purchases?
  • Having trouble returning things when ordered incorrectly?
  • Trouble finding all the right products from one supplier?

Procurement Service

We offer managed procurement solutions for products that fall “between the gaps” of your preferred supplier, supply contract or outsourced contracts.

Since 1992, Systems Assurance has been consolidating large organisation procurement needs by saving our customers a great deal of time and money on the types of products that “fall between the gaps” of supply contracts.There are several companies within our group including More Computers, MoreFrom.com and MoreFrom.me all with very defined customer profiles, however residing behind these companies are procurement systems that reach over 12000 suppliers across the entire world.We’re not offering a web portal or app, but a procurement service that would allow us to source (on your behalf) products and services not currently covered by your global agreements or preferred supplier agreements at significantly better pricing with more efficiency and speed.

Key benefits to you and your team:
  • Improve Accuracy – Our procurement team have been doing this since 1992, we have engineers waiting to clarify your request and check requirements and specifications.
  • Low Risk – By purchasing all your “Ad-Hoc” equipment from us, you build up purchasing power. The ability to return incorrect items without penalty and increasing discounts on your purchases.
  • No Delivery Costs – We buy in bulk on a regular basis; we are offered free delivery from all of our suppliers due to our reputation and level of business through our eCommerce sites.
  • Save Time – With our experience we usually know where to buy something from immediately. We’re not searching the internet for hours look for a reputable supplier. Just send us a single email or call us up.
  • Increase Cash flow – We offer a 30 day credit account. No upfront payments or credit card fees to consider.
  • Sanity Checks – We get to know your requirements; should you have a new member of staff join your team and make a purchase for something you don’t normally buy, we will have the knowledge and experience of your buying patterns to catch it first and check.

Strategic Returns

Almost all equipment at one time in its life will fail. It’s not the quality of equipment that should concern you moreover the quality of the support strategy surrounding the equipment you use. You make provision for failures on your high profile equipment such as Servers, networking and Storage but what about the 200 users you have?

At Systems Assurance we believe that all vendors ARE created equal. They all make pretty much the same equipment with the same components utilising the same manufacturing processes. They’re failure rates are all very similar so why should your users suffer because their equipment costs £400 instead of £4000.

Having a contingency plan to deal with the LOW VALUE failed equipment is essential for the continuity of your staff’s efficiency, that’s why we offer key services like Strategic Maintenance and Strategic Replacements specifically for this kind of equipment as well as the usual high level support contracts associated with the high value equipment.

There are several ways to handle your LOW VALUE failed equipment.

Manufacturer Warranty

A typical manufacturer will return your equipment repaired within 10-15 days, should you pay for certain uplifts that may be improved to 3-4 days. Can you users be without equipment for 3-4 days? How much did the uplift cost across 200 users?

3rd Party Warranty Services

Very similar to manufacturer warranties, but perhaps costs you a little less. With over 10 parts distribution warehouses throughout Europe, we can offer replacements throughout most of Europe in under 2 days.

Strategic Maintenance

Whilst not ideal, this is very similar to Manufacturer or 3rd Party Warranty Services. You are relying on the manufacturer or 3rd party repairer to fix your equipment and send it back. The only difference is we chase them for you.

Strategic Returns

You downgrade the warranties on your existing equipment or settle for basic warranty on newly purchased equipment. You sign the warranties over to us and with the savings we purchase holding stock. We collect your faulty equipment and replace it with holding stock whilst we send your faulty equipment off for repair. Once it’s returned, it re-joins the holding stock ready for the next failure.

  • You get replaced equipment within two days
  • You don’t pay for expensive warranty plans
  • The holding stock is stored centrally and can be shipped (and pre-imaged if needed) to any destination you choose)
  • Holding stock can be as little as two laptops per 100 users

Should you have no failures and wish to acquire the holding stock and end the contract, we can do this at any time.

IT Disposal

In a world of increased waste and environmental legislation the disposal and recycling of PC components, IT hardware and all types of redundant computer equipment has put growing pressure on companies to dispose of IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way. In response to this Systems Assurance have introduced Systems Assurance IT Disposal Services – a disposal and recycling service designed to remove all of your redundant laptops, monitors, desktops, servers, storage units, telephone systems and all other types of networking equipment. The service ensures that all disposals are done in a safe, secure and environmentally sensitive way.

Don’t be caught out With the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive along with the data protection act of 2000, sensitive information and computers must be disposed of in a secure manner. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in the following:

Minimum £5,000 fine per prosecution; Maximum unlimited Possible ban from company directorship

Civil action from the data subject

Costs claimed against your company

Possible forced closure of business by the Commissioners office

Systems Assurance IT Disposal Services guarantees that all sensitive or secure items such as hard drives are disposed of on site in front of the customer, with certificates issued as proof of elimination so you can be confident that all items leaving your site have been dealt with following the right procedures. We have partnered with registered IT distribution charities in developing countries; this will allow communities in these areas to benefit from reusable IT equipment.

The benefits of using the Systems Assurance IT Disposal Services will become clear very early in the relationship, and you never know, we may even realise some income for you from your disposed assets!

Manufacturer Accredited Training

Employees are the most important asset within a business, left to their own devices they will become unfocused and bored. High quality training delivered by Vendor accredited, high quality trainers is the key to motivating you staff and showing them commitment. Visit our training portal to find a list of courses available together with costs and available locations throughout the UK. Training Portal