AJS V.o.F.

“The project was well executed; at no time did I find either cost spiralling or dates being pushed back. They are true professionals.”

Lead Project Engineer, AJS V.o.F.

With the relocation to their new premises, AJS V.o.F. needed to upgrade their offices to state of the art automated emergency control rooms for their clients, Shell, AMEC, Jacobs and Stork Industry Services Netherlands B.V.

Company Overview

AJS is an Unincorporated Joint Venture (JV) organisation, set up by AMEC Oil and Gas, Jacobs Engineering Netherlands B.V. and Stork Industry Services Netherlands B.V. to deliver the ONEgas Integrated Services Contract (ISC).
ONEgas is the operational name of the combined Shell Expro and NAM Southern North Sea offshore business. AJS operates cross border and executes Maintenance, Modifications and Capital Projects work for all the offshore production facilities in the UK and Dutch sectors of the Southern North Sea, which includes around 50 offshore assets and 2 gas plants in Bacton (UK) and Den Helder (NL).

Business Requirements
AJS V.o.F being a joint venture with several Oil companies, the remit was to turn normal office rooms in to fully automated emergency control rooms. The room needed to be managed with minimum user input, compatible with a wide array of new and legacy equipment and most importantly, reliable.

As AJS V.o.F. represented several companies, differing company infrastructure would be applied once in the room. Varying group policies, access control methods and a multitude of devices all needed to be compatible.

Using the AMX and iMedia range of products, we created customer design screens, all bearing the AJS logo with unified control interfaces throughout.

The Requirements
• Reliable Audio Visual Rooms
• Simplified operation with minimal user input.
• Compatible with both new and legacy equipment.
• Single point of control bearing the AJS logo.

The Technology
• AMX 4.3 Modero S Tabletop Touch Panel
• AMX 4×2 All-In-One Presentation Switches
• AMX 12 Port Connection Modules
• AMX Gigabit Switches
• Samsung 75” Screens
• Samsung 75” Touch Panel Overlay
• 18U Timber Veneered Rack Cabinet
• Tannoy Cabinet Loud Speaker System
• iMedia Multimedia Conference Table with AMX Module Support

The Benefits
• Centralised control of entire network
• Integrated Automatic radio management the regulates traffic and self-healing
• Superior spectrum efficiency
• Auto selection of optimum data path and highest sustainable rate
• Maximum throughput and reliability

The Result
A team of our AV consultants explored various options whilst taking into account all the considerations of AJS.

After comparing the various room control systems, we decided that AMX together with iMedia, offered best of breed in this category.

The main concern was compatibility with both new and legacy systems. AMX offered programmable LCD touch screens that allowed us to simplify the user experience regardless of the audio visual devices being controlled and the IT display equipment that was used as the source. We felt AMX were the leading brand in this field and offered the reassurance to the customer of complete stability and breadth of product range.

The successful solution was then deployed to all of the control rooms without problems due to the simplified Systems Assurance configured LCD display screens.

AJS V.o.F. are now considering a simplified version for their other normal-use offices throughout the company.

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