Consort Windows

We have been dealing with Systems Assurance for many years, why look to outside companies when you can use someone you trust and who have never let us down. Thank you!”

IT Manager, Consort Ltd

Executive Summary
Consort Ltd is one of the leading PVC-u manufacturers to the trade in the UK.

Their IT team are continually trying to lower costs and increase efficiency whilst maintaining stability throughout their infrastructure.

Providing services to the trade means the whole customer service sector becomes infinitely more important. The trade is more critical and certainly expect high demands on their suppliers. With this high demand on customer service, comes high demand on their internal systems. The IT team are continually being challenged to deliver better systems with more and more efficiency.

  • Vendor Compliance
  • Identify License Imbalance
  • Better Understanding of Licensing Models
  • Utilise benefits and reduce costs
  • Lower IT Support Costs
  • Improve Tracking Procedures
  • Build Central License Database

The Challenges
The Consort IT Manager realised that controlling their IT assets was key to this task. Consort’s core infrastructure consists of both office and mobile users. With growing complexity and more dependence on their IT infrastructure, tracking their software assets had become a difficult job. Evidence of compliancy and reduced total cost of ownership were prime factors in their decisive action of engaging with one of our SAM consultants

How we helped
Systems Assurance worked with their IT team to ascertain their software entitlement and then establish a central point of accountability and responsibility for all software purchases going forward.

Their goal was clear; to set up a Software Asset Management Infrastructure that would regain their compliancy, utilise their existing Infrastructure and licensing models, reduce support and management costs and consolidate any future compliancy should Jonathan no longer be around to control it. SAM is helping Consort with budgeting as it can assess the true value of software used and produce more accurate forecasts for upgrades and new implementations. They can now control what they need to go out and buy immediately. Everything is purchased through their IT Team, they can take requests to the Financial Controller who will decide whether it’s a company necessity or just another unnecessary expense.

Now that an effective SAM policy has been put in place, the company has removed the risk of liability for noncompliance and ensured that all its software is legal. Jonathan Jenkins “To achieve and maintain compliance, you have to have lots of policies and procedures in place, as well as the management support to back them up. If you don’t have director-level support behind you, you’re unlikely to succeed as there is no power to enforce policies.”

The Results
SAM lowered costs that are associated with purchasing and maintained their software library and IT systems centrally. By capitalizing on overall buying power with vendors and purchasing through single volume licensing contracts, they lowered overall costs. The organization has become streamlined and standardized to optimize tech support requests, network performance, and overall software efficiencies for personnel.

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