DavyMarkham Ltd

“Systems Assurance was upfront with the costs and did exactly what they said they would. A superb company with high calibre, knowledge staff, who performed a job well done. Thank you!”

IT Manager DavyMarkham Ltd

DavyMarkham traces its origins back to the Sheffield firm of Davy Brothers and the Chesterfield based company of Markham & Co Ltd. At its peak though, prior to the Second World War, a thousand men worked for the company. Markham’s primary customers were the large number of collieries in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Executive Summary
DavyMarkham provides total solutions for engineering, large turnkey projects, utilizing expertise in hydraulics, controls, engineering, installation and servicing; it has the capability of lifting structures weighing up to 350 tonnes.

As one of Yorkshire’s leading engineering companies, with current projects all over the world, the core focus of the organisation wasn’t Information Technology, but commitment to customer service, energy efficiency and technological leadership. This meant the IT Manager; Peter Herbert and his team wanted to create a single point of responsibility and gain better control of their information technology (IT) assets.

• Software Vendor Compliancy

• Identify Licensing Imbalances

• Utilise the benefits of the Software Assets

• Lower IT Support & Licensing Costs

• Create Autonomous Tracking Procedures

The Challenges
DavyMarkhm’s core infrastructure consists of mainly desktop PCs, with a small mix of mobile users. With growing complexity and more dependence on their IT infrastructure, tracking their software assets had become a difficult job. Evidence of compliancy and increased total cost of ownership were prime factors in their decisive action on engaging with one of our SAM consultants.

How we helped
DavyMarkham needs relationships with many suppliers to fulfil some of their contracts, very often contractors were given site access and software tools temporarily, resulting in license spread to, ultimately dormant devices. Obviously, this creates unused/undiscovered licenses and a waste of time and resource retrospectively tracking them. It was clear a simple mix pf procedure and automation was needed. Working closely with the IT Manager, his goal was clear; to set up a Software Asset Management Infrastructure for DavyMarkham that would regain their compliancy, utilise their existing Infrastructure and licensing models, reduce support and management costs and consolidation any future compliancy.

The Result
SAM lowered costs that are associated with purchasing and maintained their software library and IT systems centrally. By capitalizing on overall buying power with vendors and purchasing through single volume licensing contracts, they lowered overall costs.

Now that an effective SAM policy has been put in place, the company has removed the risk of liability for noncompliance and ensured that all their software is legal.

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