“Systems Assurance spent time getting to know our systems and culture before suggesting a way forward. Thank You!”

Peter Herbert, IT Manager DavyMarkham Ltd

The Challenges

Their Exchange Server was due to be upgraded and with hardware maintenance and support costs increasing; the IT Manager & his team wanted to gain better control of their email infrastructure, reduce company expenditure and bring control back to his IT team.
With a mix of office and mobile users, growing complexity and more dependence on their email as a key collaboration tool grew throughout the company, email was a key component that needed attention.

How we helped

Working closely with their IT team, several board members and several select users; several methods of deployment were discussed. The goal became very clear; remove their reliance on ageing IT infrastructure whilst maintaining a consistent user experience with zero downtime or loss of functionality. Scopes were discussed and a big bang “over the weekend” approach was chosen. Key administration permissions were set, and a clear list of office bound tasks were set for Peter’s team before they left for the weekend. Our engineers worked remotely over the weekend to provide a full cloud environment for his users ready on the Monday morning.

Products we used

Combining a mixture of on premise and cloud Microsoft licensing, we have managed to migrate all their users over the weekend using only standard products. There are no monthly support contracts or recurring expenditure other the monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

The Results

Cloud Services are helping DavyMarkham with budgeting as it is a consistent monthly expenditure, it also moves the finance budgets from capital to operational expenditure.

The cost and time savings have also meant Peter’s team can focus their efforts on aligning the company for a move of additional services into the cloud. The plan is to have over 70% of the DavyMarkham line of business software such as ERP, finance and manufacturing off premise within the next 3 years.

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