Gripple Ltd

“Throughout the project Systems demonstrated their ability to understand the needs of our business and deliver a solution that worked well.”

Digital Content & Communications Manager

Market-leading manufacturers of Industrial Wire Rope Suspension Systems, Seismic Bracing & Blast Protection, Viticulture, Orchards & Fencing, Ground Anchor Systems for Civil Construction.

Executive Summary
With different sites across the world Gripple needed a solution to their internal communication challenges. Systems Assurance designed and developed a customised SharePoint based Intranet in multiple languages for all their international offices.

Gripple Head Office, Sheffield – UK

The Requirements:

  • The right message is communicated to all teams.
  • Everyone in the business is more informed and therefore more motivated.
  • Gripple have a structured SharePoint platform to build further business solutions on.
  • Dissemination of information is now quicker and easier saving time and increasing productivity.

“Systems Assurance demonstrated their ability to understand our needs”

Digital Content & Communications Manager

How Systems Assurance Helped

Gripple had selected Systems for previous IT projects on the strength of our expertise, account management and value for money. This project required a supplier who could not only work closely with the IT team, but also co-ordinate with departments across the business. An ability to produce custom SharePoint code and design was important when evaluating the right supplier. To ensure the correct solution was implemented, the Systems team ran several workshops to explain the possibilities and establish the requirements. The Systems SharePoint usability and infrastructure experts led the sessions with input from Sales, Marketing, HR, Production and the Managing Director. After this exploration phase, Systems scoped out the requirements and produced detailed visuals of the design and page structure. Custom elements were coded and testing could begin. After final approval the completed Intranet framework was rolled out at the launch event X months after the project began.

The Results
The Gripple Intranet or ‘The Loop’ as it is known has three country versions and two languages. It is used by all employees as a source of local and global company news. It provides updates on vital business performance data and key information on the employee ownership structure. The intranet site is responsive across devices; so good communication is achieved even throughout the mobile international sales team.

Company wide communications can now be handled in one place saving time and increasing productivity. An informed and motivated workforce, (especially when that workforce owns the company) is a major competitive advantage. Gripple’s business is all about bringing innovative products to market quickly and efficiently. Every member of the Gripple team is encouraged to input their own ideas and opinions, they can now do that easily because they are always up-to-date with company developments.

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