Hydro-X Water

They delivered a first-class service. Systems were knowledgeable and really helpful, getting to know our processes beforehand.

Matt Bell, IT Manager – Hydro-X Water

The Challenges

With a head office move imminent and potential expansion on the horizon, Hydro-X saw an opportunity to streamline their IT Infrastructure whilst improving efficiency, flexibility and resilience at the same time.

This was the perfect time for their IT team to explore the possibility of Cloud Services and how might they take advantage. With the help of Systems Assurance, their wishes became reality utilising Microsoft Office 365 & Azure to provide the virtual infrastructure they had envisaged.

How we helped

A team of our consultants explored the options with the IT team whilst considering all Hydro-X’s concerns for downtime and access to their line of business systems.

Hydro-X have many field engineers, so mobility was key. Using Microsoft Azure to connect the engineers’ mobile devices whilst maintaining secure connections through their mobile device security was paramount.

Products we used

From our analysis Microsoft Azure with Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft 365 were the perfect match for their needs.  Together with Acronis Cloud & Local Backup for their disaster recovery, backups, Azure Server Site Recovery and data de-duplication needs. All mobile devices required high levels of security as company data is stored on them, so we chose Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (E3), an enterprise class product.  We provisioned several Azure Servers to handle various line of business applications including a Virtual Active Directory and Sage Servers. We also provisioned a WatchGuard Firebox M270.

The Results

Having moved to their new offices, the Hydro-X IT infrastructure is now completely independent of any on-premise hardware. Their IT Admin team are confident managing the solution going forward and their systems remain resilient and scalable ready for any future growth the company will have.

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