Portmeirion Group

“We get a 1st class service from Systems (Assurance), they’re reliable and we trust them.”

IT Manager, Portmeirion Group

Executive Summary
Portmeirion Pottery is sold by a wide spectrum of high quality specialty shops and department stores in the U.K. and abroad.

Due to an increase in demand and a desire to improve customer service the company decided to expand their business premises.

The major necessity arising from the expansion was to create a link between what was to become their new distribution centre and Portmeirion head office, over 2km apart.

• Maximum throughput and reliability

• Eliminate annual WAN costs

• Centralised control of entire network

• Optimum data path at highest sustainable rate

• Highest security measures possible

The Challenges
Due to their expansion, Portmeirion needed the highest bandwidth possible over a distance of 2.2 kilometres. Another concern was finding a way of managing the distribution warehouse easily and quickly from a central location.

Portmeirion were keen to introduce a cost-effective method for both issues that would be fast, reliable and allow for future enhancements.

How we helped
A team of our consultants explored the options with the IT team whilst considering all Portmeirion’s concerns for downtime and access for deployment of the access points and site to site points.

From our analysis the Motorola PTP600 NLos wireless link and Aruba Secure Wireless LAN Mobility Solutions were selected and implemented.

Products we used
The Motorola PTP600 created a reliable wireless Ethernet bridge enabling a bandwidth of 300Mbps to be utilised over the 2.2km. With automatic migration techniques minimising interference, the system is able to provide 99.999% availability.

Complete mobility services within the warehouse were provided by the Aruba Solution. The Mobility controller and Access Points (APs) enable single point control, eliminating the need for logical or physical reconfiguration thus providing quick and economic centralised services.

The Results
We created a centralised control for the entire network with integrated Automatic radio management that regulates traffic and is self-healing.
We set up a policy enforcement firewall using the Aruba module and wireless mobility controllers. The system is self-managing with future proof capabilities.

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