Not all cloud computing is created equal…

What Cloud Compute Options do I have? Compute Power Sending Email, posting on Facebook, booking a holiday, infact anything you do on the internet has you interacting with cloud-basedservers. The simplest way of utilising cloud computing is by creatinga VM (Virtual Machine). Similar to your on-premise desktop or laptop, a virtualmachine is a simulation of… Read More

Four Steps to Preventing Cyber Attacks

Over the last ten years, Cyber Security threats have increasingly become a major problem for all organisations. Rather worryingly, the manufacturing sector is now reported to one of the most frequently hacked industries, second only to healthcare. i Whilst some businesses plan to make a significant investment into cyber defences (totalling $1 Trillion globally over… Read More

Thinking about the cloud?you should be thinking about Azure…

Is it time to wave a final goodbye to those dusty, energy-consuming old servers? The requirement for their own dedicated storage space, security from theft and ventilation certainly brought a certain amount of inconvenience, not to mention the continual upgrades and the cost of maintenance. These are just a handful of reasons why organisations are… Read More

Why your organisation needs to be Cyber Essentials Certified

New research released in 2017 shows that over half of all UK companies experienced a Cyber-attack in 2016, costing businesses as much as £30 billion. Phishing and viruses were the most common threats, affecting nearly a quarter of those surveyed, while 18 percent suffered a hack or data breach. Although ransomware claimed fewer victims –… Read More

Enable users to sync SharePoint with OneDrive sync client!

Follow these steps if you want to preview the syncing of SharePoint Online files before enabling the feature for your entire organisation. IMPORTANT: You only need to follow these steps to set registry keys on computers you want to use to preview the functionality. When you’re ready to enable SharePoint sync for your organisation, you… Read More

Managing Permissions in the Information Jungle

GDPR now makes companies accountable for the personal data they hold and process with breaches of the law carrying fines of up to 20,000,000 euros. WHERE THE CHALLENGES ARE: Where is that personal data across my organisation? How do I secure it? Who has access to it? How can I lower the risk of being… Read More

Corporate Email in the cloud?

Microsoft have just released their new Business Productivity Online Suite. A suite of tools to manage your enterprise communications. Lets put Ms Office web aside for a second. (surely everyone knows Google Docs is a no-brainer for the entry level and possibly mid-user, but spice it up a bit, add some clever stuff and Google’s Apps… Read More